Circular by design

Making clothes last longer is the first step to an ethical and sustainable wardrobe. Not only does it save us time and money, it cuts our consumption and helps to reduce our carbon footprint. There are so many things we can do to keep our cherished pieces look fresh and new. Our ultimate guide helps you to create new habits and to make your clothes last longer.



High-quality clothes from used materials made to last

In the fashion industry we see many contradictions. We prefer to buy a new item of clothing for every occasion. For example, because we feel social pressure or because a new item gives us confidence. The purchase of a garment is easily done with a click of a button. This results in overflowing wardrobes and large amounts of discarded clothing. At the same time, we are aware of this behavior’s negative impact on the environment and social conditions, such as child labor. Pretty crazy right? We thought so. So instead of complaining, we decided we don’t have to move mountains to make a difference. Sometimes the solution is so easy; it only needs your outrageous amounts of love.

We slew the fashion industry dragons at home; we created a fair, unique, fun and accessible community. Together we have a mission that everybody can join in on and we offer something special to everybody. We invite you to join us in the journey to flip our wardrobes. Let’s do it together!

Our framework:

  1.  Repeatable techniques (scalable).
  2.  Discarded clothing as a resource.
  3. Significantly extended lifespan to discard clothes.

We commit to:

  • focusing on extending the life of clothing.
  • providing insights and developing methods to increase and extend the love for your clothes. We offer the basics for a wardrobe that makes you happier and better for the world.
  • keeping clothes out of landfills (and on your body).
  • extending the life of clothes without compromising on style.
  • opt for an individual approach by taking care of your clothes ourselves and by not depending  on commercial fashion brands.
  • encourage the teaching of (upcycle) techniques for needlework to the younger audience.
  • ensuring you can get started quickly. With stylish sewing patterns and the clearest step-by-step instructions in texts, drawings and videos.
Our principles in fashion:

These are our guidelines and fundamental ideas to make clothes last.


Don’t compromise

Don’t accept the standards that are lower than is desirable for your clothes. It is the first principle and also the most important. Clothes that fit well and suit you have a real chance of being worn often and for a long time.

Express yourself

Your clothes are your spokesman. They tell you who you are. Your voice is what sets you apart and frees you from following trends. Now your most powerful tool is asking yourself: “What do I have to say?

Reject the idea that newer is better

Love the wear and tear process of clothing. In a disposable age, luxury is something old, worn and beautiful. Embrace that.

Less is more

Even a gorgeously tailored dress isn’t worth much to you if you already have ten dresses that look just like it. The concept of less is more is based on the value of simplicity and that by having less, you can create a life of more. You can still feel secure and happy with less, because you are gaining much more value in your life.

Take care of your clothes

Making clothes last longer is the first step to a sustainable wardrobe.
There are so many things we can do to keep our cherished pieces look fresh and new.
Wash less, use a delicate bag, get clothes right in the washing machine, reduce the amount of detergent, wash dark clothing inside out, store in a dark, cool and dry environment, fold heavy sweaters on a shelf, buy better hangers and know your iron.

Flip your wardrobe

Reuse unwanted clothes, you can give anything a glorious second life. Do this in a way that it really lasts longer. Don't just put scissors into your clothes, but make sure that they are still in good condition after a lot of use and washing.