Knitted T-shirts

Discarded jerseys, that are doomed for landfill,
transformed into knitwear.



A sweater made from +/- 9 old T-shirts.

Revive discarded T-shirts creating knitting yarn. We use not resellable clothes made from knitted stretch fabric. Clothes are poorly made, made with low-quality materials, and are stained or ripped.
By sorting the tossed shirts in colour, beautiful tone-on-tone colours combinations appear, like different shades of grey. We designed this sweater so that the different shades become an asset to the garment. The T-shirts are hand-cut into knitting yarn, making it possible to re-create the sweater at home. The yarn is easy to hand-knit and has the best wearing comfort. Give a new purpose to old T-shirts that nobody wants anymore. (broken, discoloured, twisted, with stains). This recipe extends the life of T-shirts.

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