Custom tailor-made


You are looking for a unique piece of clothing that is simply perfect. There are several reasons to have clothes made to measure, but the result is always astonishing.

You can come to us if you want something special of high quality. Not only will I go for a beautiful design, but I will also go for a design that wil last en you’ll love for years. Together we go through a process to investigate where the core of your need lies.

You will look fantastic in clothing that is specially tailored to your size, especially if you receive color and style advice beforehand. This way we can develop the perfect garment for you together.

Making a garment takes a lot of time.

To get an idea of ​​your wishes, we make an appointment for an intake. You create a mood board in advance with pictures and colors that say something about the design you have in mind. I will show you a number of models and fabrics and will measure your measurements accurately.

Then I will work on a design, pattern and sample model. As soon as this is finished, you will come back to fit the sample. Where necessary, I make adjustments, so that the garment will fit nicely around your body.

When we have achieved the ideal fit, I will make the garment from the fabric you selected. Sometimes I ask you to come again during the process. If this is not necessary, you will receive your design during the third meeting.

Price indication
Tailor-made clothing often costs more than store-bought clothing. Since we don’t work with mass production and low-wage countries, the price tag looks a bit different. On the other hand, you have a unique piece of clothing that is literally written on your body. It is therefore well worth it. Because all wishes and designs differ from each other, it is difficult to provide a price list in advance.

Do you also dream of your perfect outfit? Please feel free to contact us to ask about the possibilities.

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