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Tee Threads

Discarded T-shirts transformed into yarn. Collaborating with Fashion Tech Farm, we pioneer a low-waste yarn-making process. Our mission: breathe new life into old, unwanted T-shirts.

Tee Threads

T-shirts transformed into yarn

We breathe new life into discarded T-shirts by transforming them into knitting yarn. These non-resealable garments, made from knitted stretch fabric, are repurposed to create new sweaters. Our process involves sorting the shirts by colour, resulting in captivating tone-on-tone combinations, like beautiful shades of grey. The unique shades become a standout feature, enhancing the garment’s appeal.

Give a new purpose to old T-shirts that nobody wants – whether broken, discoloured, twisted, or stained. By embracing our innovative approach, you extend the life of these shirts and contribute to a more sustainable future. Shop our upcycled sweater today and become part of the T-Shirt Revival.